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Jet Engine/Piston Engine/Airframe/Avionics /Un-Airworthy Aircraft Supply to Engineering Colleges and Institutes for training purpose


Apart from services like, Aero Engineering Supply & Air Charter Services, TECHNOWIX also helps Engineering Colleges & Institutes to setup Aero laboratory by following Services;-

  • We are supplying Gas Turbine Engine and Piston Engine to Engineering Institutes for setting up advance technology lab for Aeronautical/Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering Stream.
  • We are Supplying and helping Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institutes to setup lab for Mechanical and Avionics stream


Why Gas Turbine Engine for Mechanical and Aero lab?

  • The aim is to develop an insight in the practical application of engineering science in industry and the related human relationships and safety aspects.
  • The main purpose of technical and vocational education is to cultivate personnel who have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. It is the college, which strengthens the coherence and completeness of various skills and vocational courses as well as the integrated application of technical and vocational educational resources. In order to decrease the gap between students’ knowledge and experience and that required by companies



  An engine is the heart of any aircraft. Knowing its various components, their working principles, repair and maintenance practices is of utmost importance to an aeronautical/mechanical engineer. Throwing light into this fact, the aeronautical/mechanical engineering department should be equipped with an Aero-Engine Repair and Maintenance Laboratory. This Lab should be equipped with a piston engine and a jet engine. Practical knowledge of aero-engine repair and maintenance is imparted to the students  by making them physically dismantle, inspect and assemble the various components/units such as aero-engine piston, cylinder, carburetor, oil filter, exhaust unit and intake guide vanes of the piston engine.

Advantage for Student

*  Practical knowledge of Jet Engine. Better understanding of Jet engine function for various industry use.

*  Student can chose career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering as aviation industry is growing up sharply.

*  Student can go for all industries where gas turbine engineering experience is applicable.

*  Student can go for higher studies in gas turbine for aerospace or other domain. 

Advantage for Institute

*  Setting up Aero Engine lab will surly increase the reputation of institute. In this competitive age, it will highlight the institute to stand apart among all others.

*  Due to advanced technical and practical knowledge Students’ Placement increases, which enhances Institute’s fame.

*  Institute can start AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) course by taking approval from DGCA.

*  It also Increase the domain of mechanical and aero engineer for future placement and studies


Our Capability:-

*  Jet Engine

*  Piston Engine

*  Airframe

*  Avionics

*  Un-Airworthy Aircraft




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