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Ground Support Equipment supply

 Technowix is a specialist supplier of aviation ground support equipment and related spare parts for major airports, airlines and related aviation industries.


Our product portfolio includes :-


  • self-propelled conveyer-belt loaders
  • cargo tractors, mobile passenger stairs
  • container trailers
  • pallet trailers
  • pallet dolly
  • luggage
  • bulk cargo trailers
  • waste-water disposal vehicles 
  • aircraft potable water vehicles  
  • ULD Dollies,luggage towing vehicle
  • luggage delivery wagon
  • Passenger Baggage Trolley(Push Cart)
  • Airport Passenger Baggage Trolleys
  • Container Dollies
  • Pallet Dollies 
  • elevation platform
  • joint platform
  • bulk cargo trailer
  • platform trailer
  • container trailer
  • work ladder
  • plate

 and all types of ground transport equipment(such as: mesh, binding band, tray etc.)




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